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If you’re not already on facebook you’re missing out on the biggest potential customer resource that the world has ever known.  Facebook HAS OVER 750 MILLION active users!  Let me put this into respective. The ENTIRE population of BOTH Canada and the United Sates is just over 340 million.   Facebook has DOUBLE the entire populations of both Countries!!!   That’s one huge customer base that your business has to take advantage of.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big corporation or a band playing out of your mom’s garage… If you provide a service or product you need a facebook page.  Period.

And we’re here to help you get setup.  We can create, maintain, improve, and promote facebook pages.


Services Offered

Facebook Page Creation or Enhancement – We will work with you to create the perfect facebook page for your business.  If you already have a page, we will work with you to improve your facebook page design and layout to improve your visitor interaction and increase your LIKES.

Facebook Page Promotion – We will promote your facebook page online.  We have access to a team that can promote your facebook page on other facebook profiles, pages, social networks, twitter, and more.

Facebook Page Maintenance – Facebook is continually updating and changing it’s site to better suite it’s users needs but sometimes these changes can break your facebook page.   With our maintenance package we will go over your facebook page with a fine tooth comb and make sure everything is still working properly.  We will also inform you of any new tools/function that you can take advantage of to improve your customer’s overall experience on your page.


Silver Package – Just $29.99

Includes 1 of the above services.


Gold Package – Just $39.99

Includes 2 of the above services.


Platinum Package – Just $39.99 + $14.99 / month

Includes all 3 of the above services with ongoing monthly support as needed.  We’ll be your right hand support for all your facebook needs and we’ll keep you up to date on any new facebook developments.   We’ll also continue to promote and maintain your facebook page every month!


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